• Specializes in good governance, anti-corruption, and decentralization

  • Natural resource and environmental management, forestry, oil palm plantations, and mining

  • Facilitating farmers’ access to buyers and developing public-private partnerships

  • Assessment of sustainability and financial risks associated with palm oil operations

  • Democratization, village governance, and state budget analysis

  • Industry monitoring, field research, and GIS analysis

With more than 18 years of extensive experience gained on assignments during fieldwork in Indonesia and Malaysia, Adriani has worked as a campaigner, researcher, and auditor in collaboration with local communities and local NGOs, as well as with the media, judicial institutions, government, and parliament. The bulk of his work is associated with natural resource management and advocacy in Indonesia; an area in which he combines his excellent understanding of the palm oil and forestry industries with a keen sense of legal and policy analysis.

Ivan V. Ageung

Operational Director
  • MSc in Business Law

  • 15 years of experience

  • Has worked in Indonesia and Malaysia

  • Has worked with an international network for advocacy, campaigning, and humanitarian activities

  • Experienced in environmental law

Ivan has worked on sustainability, environmental law, agrarian affairs, disaster risk reduction, and civil and human rights issues. He began working as a legal aid officer, then as a human rights defender and legal specialist instrumental in both corporate sustainability activities and landscape programmes. He worked for the Indonesian Legal Aid Foundation (YLBHI), the Indonesian Forum for Environment (Walhi), UN agencies, and Aidenvironment Asia before becoming Earthqualizer’s Operations Director in early 2020.

Ihwan Rafina

Technical Director
  • Bachelor of Forestry

  • 15 years of experience in Indonesia and Malaysia

  • HCS peer-review panelist and experienced HCV assessor

  • Biodiversity assessments

  • Watershed management

  • Spatial planning techniques and remote sensing

  • GIS analysis for forest management

Ihwan has worked in practical forest management, natural resources management and spatial planning with FFI, WWF, and TFT. Most recently, he has been involved in palm oil commodity traceability, working with the government, private sector, civil society and local communities in Indonesia. He is highly passionate about data analysis and visualization.  

Eric Wakker

Senior Advisor Asia-Pacific
  • Master of Sciences Environmental Geography and Geography of Developing Countries (Nijmegen, 1991)

  • Senior researcher and advisor, specializing in project acquisition, project management and product development

  • Key contact for international outreach, liaison and external communication

Based in Asia from 2002 onward, Eric co-founded Aidenvironment’s Asia office in Indonesia in 2009. With more than 30 years of experience in tropical forestry and agriculture, Eric supports Earthqualizer with a wealth of knowledge relating to trade, investment and sustainability policies in Southeast Asia and the Pacific. Eric has been involved in a range of policy initiatives and sustainability schemes such as FSC, RSPO and NDPE policy. He has collaborated with numerous local and international NGOs, investors, traders and donor organizations. Eric's scope of work with Earthqualizer focuses on Southeast Asia-Pacific.

Priscillia Moulin

Senior Representative for North America
  • MSc in Environmental Management and MEng in Tropical Forest Management

  • 10 years of experience 

  • Has worked in Indonesia and Malaysia with TFT and Aidenvironment Asia

  • In-depth knowledge of corporate sector sustainability practices and expectations

  • Specializes in complex downstream supply chains, palm oil derivatives and their uses

  • Also specializes in investigating complex corporate structures

  • Key contact for international outreach

Priscillia was based in Malaysia and Indonesia from 2013 until 2019. Currently our North American representative, she is now based in Ontario, Canada. She initially worked on traceability and desktop/field risk assessment of palm oil supply chains, then from 2015, she handled and advised some of the biggest palm oil industry refiners and consumer goods companies on implementing sustainable sourcing policies throughout their supply chains. Her work with Earthqualizer focuses mainly on downstream companies and consumer market outreach.


Spatial Data Manager
  • 10 years of experience in tree and oil palm plantation spatial data analysis

  • Has worked in Indonesia and Malaysia

  • Monitoring of tree plantations and palm oil concessions 

  • Data analysis, data management and quality control

Since 2006, Salman has worked for local NGOs like Kontak Rakyat Borneo and the Independent Forestry Monitoring Network (JPIK) on spatial analysis and monitoring logging and tree plantation concessions in West Kalimantan. He worked on forestry and plantation corruption and legality issues through ground verification and spatial data analysis. From 2010 onward, he accepted several assignments as Aidenvironment Asia’s in-house GIS and remote sensing specialist, later joining Earthqualizer for spatial data management in early 2020.


Swisto Uwin

Smallholder Program Manager
  • Initiated the establishment of palm oil farmer unions (SPKS) in Sekadau and Sintang districts in West Kalimantan

  • Encouraged local government involvement in the WWF-Indonesia programme in West Kalimantan in 2013

  • Set up the Sustainable Oil Palm Regional Facilitator Forum (FASDA) comprising agricultural extension officers in Sintang district

Working for more than 10 years as a field officer and community organization specialist, Swisto now strives for the empowerment of oil palm farmers through sustainable plantation management and a stakeholder involvement approach. Working directly with farmers in the field, he has helped develop several cooperatives and economic institutions, including an Internal Control System (ICS) that helps independent oil palm farmers access sustainable palm oil certification programmes.


Eka Kurnia Pambudi

Community Forestry Manager
  • Bachelor of Forestry

  • Botanist and forest carbon analysis

  • GIS

  • HCV/HCS assessment

  • Community engagement

  • Landscape spatial database and social forestry

For more than 10 years, Eka has worked on forest management in landscape-based forest, peat and biodiversity conservation activities. As a botanist, ecologist and GIS expert, he has worked with several local and international NGOs in Indonesia and Malaysia as a field coordinator, assessor and conservation expert. Eka has been working with Earthqualizer in early 2020 in the Landscape Restoration programme, his focus is on government and company engagement, and developing palm oil industry recovery plans.

Roni Wang

Administration Manager
  • General administration and procurement

  • Monitoring employee and client contracts

  • Operations and IT support

  • Ensuring overall security of company property

Roni started his career in 2009 as a volunteer with WWF-Indonesia. In January 2018, he joined the Rhino Rescue project in East Kalimantan building sanctuaries and transferring rhinos. He is currently developing his professional skills in administration, human resources and general affairs using his excessive experience in previous local and international organizations.

Muhammad Lutharif

Stakeholder Partnership Manager
  • Bachelor in Economic

  • Forestry, oil palm and tree plantation areas of expertise

  • Stakeholder and engagement specialist

  • Community product development

  • Bussines unit and programmes development

Since 2006, M. Lutharif has worked for several local NGOs and received a mandate to become a chairman for Kontak Rakyat Borneo in West Kalimantan from 2010 until 2015 and held a couple of Manager positions in Belantara Foundation. With massive experience working with Government, NGOs, research institutions, journalists and communities, he joining Earthqualizer for stakeholder partnership in 2021 under Landscape Restoration programmes.

Diantur Jatmiko

Stakeholder Engagement Specialist


·        MBA in Marketing and International Business

·        13 years of work experience in the palm oil industry and commodity

·        BSc in Business Administration

·        Develop Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for palm oil self-assessment

·        Stakeholder engagement and business development

·        Palm oil supply chain risk assessment and verification

Miko has work experience in a palm oil company for 7 years in West Kalimantan, Indonesia. He oversaw the development of the company’s plantations and mills. Subsequently, he worked at several international organizations, such as The Forest Trust, Rainforest Alliance, and Preferred by Nature for a total of 6 years to support palm oil actors in implementing NDPE policy in Indonesia and Malaysia. This includes training, field verification, providing claims, sustainability policy, and KPI development. During his work at the international organizations, he also manages stakeholder engagement with the Government of Indonesia, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), private sectors, and academicians. Joining Earthqualizer at the end of 2021.  His work will focus on managing the successful execution of projects and activities in relation to the “No Deforestation, No Peat, No Exploitation” (NDPE) procurement policy.

Afif Fakhruzzi

Monitoring NDPE Manager
  • Forest/land cover monitoring and analysis

  • Certified GIS and remote sensing

  • Deforestation monitoring

  • Participated in monitoring industrial tree plantations in West Kalimantan

Afif has worked professionally in the field of GIS and remote sensing for more than seven years, with a particular focus on the palm oil industry. He has worked for local and international NGOs, Kontak Rakyat Borneo and Aidenvironment Asia. Joining Earthqualizer in early 2020.

Nur El Ayuningdyah

Spatial Digitizer
  • Certified GIS and remote sensing

  • Deforestation monitoring

  • Forest cover analysis

  • Company database

Ayu graduated in Forest Management (GIS and Remote Sensing Lab) from Bogor Agricultural University. With more than 4 years of experience working with NGOs and consultants, one of Ayu’s major achievements was creating digitized oil palm maps for 22 provinces in Indonesia in 2018. She joined Earthqualizer in early 2020, in charge of monitoring reports support and the company database.

Ratna Sari

Spatial Analyzer
  • GIS and remote sensing

  • Thematic analysis

  • Deforestation monitoring

Ratna has more than 6 years of experience working in GIS for local and international NGOs. She has been involved extensively in HCV and HCS mapping and land cover analysis for the palm oil industry. She is skilled in digitizing and land cover mapping.

Muhamad Abdu Al Gifari

Deforestation Detector
  • Certified GIS and remote sensing

  • Thematic analysis

  • Monitoring deforestation for oil palm

  • Spatial database

Muhammad Abdu Al Gifari graduated in Forest Management from Bogor Agricultural University. He has project and survey experience, and expertise in GIS, plantation monitoring, spatial databases, remote sensing and biodiversity. Having worked for local and international NGOs for more than 3 years, he joined Earthqualizer in early 2020 and is tasked with monitoring deforestation for palm oil and thematic analysis.

Ruli Iskandar

Data Miner
  • Spatial data management

  • Screening support and deforestation monitoring via SVLK

  • GIS and remote sensing

  • Spatial data collection, extraction and integration

Ruli has more than 7 years of experience working in GIS and remote sensing analysis, with a particular focus on the palm oil industry. Having worked for Aidenvironment Asia since 2014, he joined Earthqualizer in early 2020, providing spatial data management support and regular updates, spatial data asset maintenance and deforestation screening and monitoring through the SVLK timber legality verification system. He is also involved in developing the traceability GIS dataset for palm oil traders and other facilities.

Anton Prayogi

Data Analyser
  • GIS and remote sensing

  • Deforestation monitoring support

  • Participated in monitoring industrial tree plantations in West Kalimantan

  • Social HCV assessment and case report writer

Anton has more than 7 years of experience working in GIS and has been involved in plenty of HCV assessments of socio-economic aspects of the oil palm sector. Having worked for local and international NGOs, Kontak Rakyat Borneo and Aidenvironment Asia, he joined Earthqualizer in early 2020 and is in charge of conducting surveys and research relating to legality and social issues regarding oil palm and industrial tree plantations (HTI).

Agus Budiman

Community Organizer (Kubu Raya/Ketapang)
  • Social forestry

  • Community and business development organizer

  • Government engagement

For the past 10 years, Agus has worked providing assistance to communities on sustainable natural resource management in Sambas, North Kayong, Ketapang and Kubu Raya districts in West Kalimantan. Agus has worked at Earthqualizer since early 2020, focusing on villages with the development of a community social forestry schemes. He also has skills in GIS and village-level land use analysis.

Indra Haryanto

Drone Operator
  • Deforestation monitoring and analysis

  • Drone area mapping expert

  • Investigation

Indra has more than 5 years of experience in extensive drone mapping and deforestation analysis. As part of the field monitoring team, he can provide clear information for deforestation cases with evidence, witnesses, and other references to reveal truths behind certain events. He joined Earthqualizer in early 2020 and is tasked with developing Earthqualizer community drone fleet initiative.


Irsadul Halim

Community Land Legalizer (Aceh Singkil/West Pakpak)
  • Community and government engagement

  • Participatory mapping

  • Legal analysis

Halim joined Earthqualizer in early 2020. He has more than 10 years of experience empowering oil palm farmers, leading community-based organizations, and being involved in advocacy to save Sumatra’s remaining forests. He focuses on ensuring changes in industrial practices to support communities and the environment at the landscape level. Halim also has GIS analysis skills.


Field Expert
  • Community organizer

  • Forest monitoring and certification

  • Mapping forestry and corruption issues

  • Experience in field verification since 2010

As a fieldwork expert, Lezi is involved in research into and surveillance of individuals and organizations. His main responsibilities are to verify cases thoroughly, observe given situations/circumstances, and research the nature of happenings for projects. This includes conducting field checking to gather information about people, places, or situations. As part of the field team, he is involved in gathering valuable information for cases, gathering evidence, witnesses and other references to reveal truths behind certain events. He joined Earthqualizer in early 2020 and is tasked with supporting GIS datasets relating to spatial data management.


Community Organizer (Sambas)

·       Social forestry programme and implementation

·       Community engagement

·       Biodiversity conservation

·       Business models and community planning

Darmawan has more than 10 years of experience working in forestry and conservation programmes in Indonesia. Working at Earthqualizer since early 2020, he focuses on restoration plans with a joint approach involving private sector actors in the palm oil industry, local governments and communities. He also has expertise in flora and fauna conservation, and community empowerment in business modeling and sustainable landscape programmes

Budi Irawan

Data Miner

·       Company research

·       Palm oil traceability

·       Supply chain analysis

Budi has more than 7 years of experience working on data input and processing for elections, democracy and forestry products. He is very keen and detailed in providing data and information support for the team and projects. Joining Earthqualizer in early 2020, he focuses on palm oil research and analysis.


Hutami Alwindi

Finance Manager
  • Financial reporting and filing finance documentation

  • Monitoring internal project budgets and preparing budget projections

  • Managing tax

  • Payroll for employees

  • Monitoring AR and AP aging, etc.

A graduate from the Faculty of Economics at Pancasila University, Hutami has experience in finance, accounting, and tax through her work for Grant Thornton Indonesia and Aidenvironment Asia for more than 3 years. She joined Earthqualizer in early 2020 and is responsible for handling finance and tax issues.

Rizwar Amir

Finance Controller Manager
  • Bachelor of Economics

  • Financial administration and reporting

  • Filing and monitoring internal project budgets and preparing budget projections

  • Petty cash management

  • Financial procedures and partner management

Rizwar joined Earthqualizer in early 2020. Graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Business at Tanjungpura University. He is responsible for maintaining records of all transactions, reviewing and processing payments of invoices, advances and reimbursements, handling petty cash, monitoring account receivables, generating and sending out invoices to clients, recording monthly tax amounts and creating billing ID codes for tax payments, monitoring internal project budgets and preparing budget forecasts.

Dhian Saraswaty

Project and Administration Officer
  • Administrative, office and logistical support

  • Operations support

  • Customer service

  • Petty cash management

Dhian started her career as an intern with the international NGO, Aidenvironment Asia. Joining Earthqualizer as a sustainable landscape officer in early 2020 and was involved in several projects. She currently works as a project administration officer, supporting office operations and project activities in West Kalimantan.


Administration Officer
  • Administrative, office and logistical support

  • Clerical services

  • Routine security and/or customer service

  • Routine maintenance and repairs