Earthqualizer strives to support the sustainable development goals of our clients, partners, and other key stakeholders. We believe robust data is the bedrock of good decisions and better business. Years of expertise coupled with robust datasets have positioned Earthqualizer to support our partners with industry insights that are:

  • Accountable

  • Actionable

  • Meaningful

Support by our technical partners (INOVASIDIGITAL), Earthqualizer Spatial Intelligence Lab provides a wealth of raw data that is synthesized to help provide detailed insights and compelling visualizations, which can be used to steer development in the right direction.

What we do

Our Spatial Intelligence Lab involves spatial and non-spatial data management. This covers support for value-chain transformation through the following specialized areas:

Supplier group monitoring platform 

We monitor agriculture and forestry supply chain NDPE commitments with experienced helpdesk support on engagement and verification findings for accurate, reliable, and actionable market decisions.

Deforestation and damage to natural resources often occur off the grid of established supply chains. Together with a network of local and international partners, Earthqualizer's team of investigators is working to ensure social and environmental justice is done. 

 Earthqualizer is taking the following actions in response to deforestation:

  • Collecting on-the-ground data related to social and environmental impacts 

  • Monitoring known company landbanks 

  • Reporting on land clearing in plantations

Supply chain traceability

We explore, analyze and understand the complexity of supply chains with updated and on-the-ground tracing verification.

Industry transformation is possible only when decision-makers embrace the need to change and commit to action. Through our “traceability to decision-makers” research, we unravel the tangled world of private company ownership, helping buyers, investors, and their business partners to have a more positive impact. 

  • We map out business relationships 

  • We investigate and uncover corporate activities at the group level

  • We document evidence of non-compliance with NDPE sourcing policies

  • We provide downstream procurement managers with a robust toolkit for use in implementing their company sustainability goals

  • We achieve social and environmental justice by ensuring accountability and traceability

Global supplier directory

This is our “one-stop” digital directory of global agriculture and forestry businesses and comprehensive sustainability information.

Social platform

We provide global near-real-time information on agriculture- and forestry-related social issues to support No Exploitation policies.

Community drone fleet initiative

We source reliable on-the-ground information from local experts for accurate and credible decision-making.

Thematic spatial analysis reports

We deliver credible and accurate thematic spatial analysis reports such as Top Deforested reports, Fire Burning reports, and Stranded Land reports to support NDPE policies.

Transform platform

Our Transform by Action Platform is a commodity trade data platform designed to enable business-to-business verification of No Deforestation claims, learn and visit here.

'Deforestation-Free' claim assessments

We assess ‘Deforestation-Free’ claims for agriculture and forestry commodity supply chains up to the group level with high accuracy and comprehensive data sourced from plantations, mills, and refineries.

There is a growing need for suppliers, such as growers and refiners, to issue credible ‘Deforestation-Free’ claims and calculations. Such claims make a statement about the impact of the company’s supply chain on environmental and social value areas.

‘Deforestation-Free’ assessment methodologies are still in the early stages of development. However, Earthqualizer believes that the following minimum requirements should apply to individual suppliers as a necessary first step:

  • Meeting legal requirements with regard to land utilization for oil palm plantations

  • Commitment to NDPE policy implementation at the group level

  • Readiness to implement traceability systems to identify the origin of production for all fresh fruit bunches

‘Deforestation-Free’ claims may cover the direct mill supply base and/or all suppliers in the group’s entire supply base.

We anticipate that ‘Deforestation-Free’ claims may evolve as they progress from first-party to second-party, and finally to third-party evaluations.


Earthqualizer works to connect environmental degradation with marketplace decision-makers. Whilst we have yet to win the war against deforestation, we do win many battles by providing timely insights regarding environmental and social safeguards. These insights are informed by cutting edge methodologies and technology, including:

  • Artificial Intelligence, applying machine learning, deep learning, and other techniques

  • Natural-language generation

  • High-resolution satellite imagery and aerial monitoring with an expansive drone fleet

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