Earthqualizer works with communities to diversify their livelihoods and open pathways for sustainable enterprises at the village level by developing environmentally friendly business models. We combine economic development and conservation to benefit vulnerable groups in villages. Mapping village potential focuses specifically on planning and zoning social forestry areas for conservation, reforestation-restoration, and non-timber forest product (NTFP) or agroforestry production.

So far, 31 community business groups have been formed and produce commodities from freshwater fisheries and crab cultivation to handicrafts from wood and shellfish waste, various food products from raw materials derived from mangroves, and chili, candlenut, palm sugar, and coffee harvests, as well as rattan weaving and ecotourism.

Some commodities produced as finished products have secured PIRT home industry permits from district health offices. We collaborate with stakeholders to improve community entrepreneurial skills relating to forest utilization and product development based on existing potential and connect communities with markets and financing.