In 2016, Indonesia drafted its Perhutanan Sosial social forestry policy to address land use and management imbalances and injustices between large plantations and local communities. From its target of 12.7 million ha, the Ministry of Environment and Forestry has facilitated around 2.5 million ha of social forestry with a total of 5,454 management decrees, involving around 600,000 households. Since 2018, through our current approaches, we have facilitated 25 villages in Ketapang, Kubu Raya, Sambas, and Aceh Singkil districts in gaining access to social forestry management on a total area of ​​82,053 ha.

Our further interventions after management permits have been issued include preparing long-term and annual work plans, arranging the direction of social forestry and establishing zoning, and strengthening institutions and human resources including facilitating proposals for funding support. We encourage collaborative management of village forests and partner oil palm plantation companies in 25-year co-management agreement (CMA) schemes in three villages in the Pawan Delta landscape in Ketapang district, four villages in The Great Sambas landscape, and two villages in the Kapuas Delta landscape in Kubu Raya district.

Earthqualizer is embedded in sites across Indonesia, and working to facilitate landscape restoration through social forestry. To date, we helped more than 10 villages secure management decrees on 29,000 ha of the forest estate, and are in the process of facilitating legal access to social forestry on a further 45,000 ha.

  1. Pawan Delta Landscape

  • 13,980 ha of social forestry legalized in five villages (Sei Melayu, Simpang Tiga Sembelangaan, Tanjung Medan, Benua Krio and Gema)

  • 20,000 ha in six villages in process 

  • Reforestation of the Belaban Rayak Village Forest in Sungai Melayu village, with 9,000 trees and agroforestry crops planted

  • 25-year partnership established with the company under a co-management programme to support social forestry

  1. Kapuas Delta Landscape

  • 14,424 ha of social forestry legalized for three villages (Teluk Bakung, Kalibandung and Muara Baru)

  • technical verification completed for further 2,940 ha management decrees still pending

  • Development of social forestry group businesses through capacity building 

  • Saving peat ecosystems in the Kapuas Delta landscape

  1. The Great Sambas Landscape

  • 14,750 ha in social forestry legalized for five villages (Sebubus, Sentaban, Senatab, Kaliau and Semanga)

  • Process for further 3,427 ha currently ongoing

  • 138,000 ha reforested

  • 137,605 trees planted in and around social forestry areas

  1. Aceh Singkil- Phakpak Landscape

  • 7,000 forest areas legalized for management 

  • 4 villages awaiting official decrees from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry

  • 21,700 trees and agroforestry plants within the framework of Aceh Regional autonomy policy